We feed dogs & cats how we believe nature intended them to eat

ADFICO is proud to be the official distributor in Jordan & Iraq for the giant U.S. firm Procter & Gamble’s EUKANUBA. Procter & Gamble “P&G” is one of the top 50 firms of the fortune 500 companies in the United States with annual sales exceeding 80 billion dollars.

It all started in 1969, when our founder, Paul Iams, was looking for a memorable word that echoed the uncompromising high level of his new dog food formula. With unmatched quality the market had never seen before, Paul wanted a name that was just as special. He found inspiration in the world of jazz. In the 1940s, this unique music was evolving, as was its own unique language. Eukanuba ("You-Ka-Noo-Bah") was one word that grew out of that culture. It was reserved for something that was "the tops" or "supreme"—whether it was the latest song or a top-of-the-line car. It struck a chord, and he named his product Eukanuba to embody this ideal. And that’s where Eukanuba history began.

Eukanuba nutritional philosophy is that dogs & cats evolved from carnivores, so they should be fed accordingly. That's why we use only high-quality animal proteins, mainly chicken or lamb—not vegetables—as the primary source of protein in our nutrition. Eukanuba is a leading world expert in Pre Biotics & dental feed for pet food. All Eukanuba products contain the dental formula and include pre Biotics.

At Eukanuba, we view dogs & cats as more than just the best pets on the planet. We see them as high-performance wingmen who want to go further. And every day, our mission is to make a positive difference in their lives so they can be their best.

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