Benson is a complete palatable food formulated with natural ingredients. Our extruder machines cook the food to make a highly digestible and balanced diet with tempting aroma and taste that pets will enjoy. Benson provides your pet with the abundant nutrition it needs for energy, vigor, strong bones, teeth & muscles, as well as providing healthy skin and hair coat.


Benson’s largest line caters to man’s best friend, adult dogs, and comes in a variety of tastes, textures and sizes. Our highly nutritious products are made of natural ingredients and full of the necessary vitamins your dog needs to enjoy a healthy life.

Dry Products:

Regular Benson Dry Dog food 5kg box with handle.
Regular Benson Dry Dog Food 4.5 kg bag.
Regular Benson Dry Dog Food 1 kg box.
Premium Benson dry dog food 4.5 kg bag.
Economy bags 15 kg for all dry products (Regular, premium & puppy)

Wet Products:

Benson Veal with 400 gms cans

Benson Chicken 400 gms cans


Benson’s also caters to your little puppies formulated with concentrated nutrition to support your growing pet’s immune system while providing calcium for strong teeth and bones.

Puppy Benson Dry Dog Food 1 kg box.


Benson cat food meals are designed to supply all the nutrients an adult cat needs for an active, healthy life. And because cats love variety, you can spice up mealtimes by trying a different flavor at each meal!

Dry Products:

Benson Dry Cat Food Chicken Flavor 500 gms box

Benson Dry Cat Food Fish Flavor 500 gms box

Wet Products:

Salmon & Shrimps 400 gm cans. Benson Chicken, Eggs & Rice 400 gm cans Benson Pate 400 gm cans